Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold Remediation

Mold damage can develop on the walls and baseboard of your home. In this home, the mold was hidden behind a large piece of furniture, so it went undetected unti... READ MORE

Roof Leak

This picture shows the extent of damage from a roof leak that went undetected for a long time. We inspected the home and presented the owners with a scope of wo... READ MORE

Sickening Septic Blowback

The Damage: What you see here is nothing but pure fecal matter, mold from the pipes, and bodily excrescent of all sorts. This is the result of a septic blow bac... READ MORE

The Effects Of Sporicide

The Damage: A small leak combined with intense humidity behind a mini fridge caused mold to begin forming. Seen in this stage, the mold is still young and easy ... READ MORE

The Work Refrigerator

The Damage: In every office kitchen there is that ONE box or tub that has been looming in the dark corner of the fridge for over a year. You can ask around the ... READ MORE

Sewage Backup

The Damage: The main sewer line in this business was clogged, causing all the waste and filth to come flowing up and out along with mold that had been growing o... READ MORE

Mold Hiding Behind Your Walls

When moisture sits behind a wall for too long mold will inevitably begin to develop. The good thing about mold, however, is when you have thin material such as ... READ MORE

Moldy Wood

The Damage: A flooded bathroom soaked the wood floors of this resident. What SERVPRO did: We safely removed the mold from the wooden floors and repaired any las... READ MORE