Fire Damage Photo Gallery

smoke webs

Pearland Fire Damage Cleanup

After fire damage hit this Pearland home, SERVPRO techs found a number of smoke webs. When plastics burn, it creates a higher charge and the smoke webs form, this is one way that the articles consumed in a fire can get determined through a visual inspection. 

Soot In The Air

Made of the same stuff as smokewebs, black flecks or soot can be found throughout the home even in rooms that are located far away from any fire. In a business, any room that shares the same air ducts as the afflicted space could have soot settle. 

Document Recovery

Soot tends to linger in the air even after the fire has been put out. It will get inside important documents and turn their pages black, making them unreadable. To prevent stirring up the soot and chemicals in the air, further damaging important items, we seal off the create a sort of barrier such as the one seen here inside the home or business. Our SERVPRO team is specially trained to preserve pages in their current state until they can be transported to our facility to be properly restored. 

Appliances and Fires

It is a good idea to replace all electronic appliances that were close to the fires origin. The intensive heat may have melted important electrical components. With contents coverage with your insurance company, they may even pay to have it replaced. 

That Smokey Look

Don't be fooled by the trendy dark color of the walls. That is not the color they were meant to be. What you see is actually residue from a kitchen fire staining the walls black and brown.


What you see is not the result of an ordinary cobweb being darkened by smoke from a fire as many people immediately assume. Though the majority of the time you will only see them after a large house fire has occurred. It is something much more chemically astounding. These incredible web like structures are actually residual crystals that have formed from burning plastic particles being released into the air and coming together again to form in the corner of a room.

Fire Safety Tips

Fire Safety Tips

  • Install smoke alarms in every room
  • Buy flame-less candles and do not light decorative candles
  • Know your escape route in every room of the home
  • Feel the door before entering to determine if there is fire on the other side.
  • Practice fire safety with your kids at least twice a year