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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Commercial Damage

The Damage: This school in Houston, TX was the result of a flood. The Catagories of Flood damage Category 1- "Clean Water" is water from a clean source such as ... READ MORE

Flooded bathroom? Give Us A Call!

The Damage: This flooded room was the result of a broken pipe behind a toilet. What SERVPRO Did: The residents called our SERVPRO of Friendswood/Pearland office... READ MORE

Classroom Fire

The Damage: This was the result of an electrical fire in the school. Notice the amount of soot throughout the building. What SERVPRO did: The room was wet clea... READ MORE

Office Space

The Damage: This was a large commercial building in Houston. Heavy winds had driven the rain in through the windows. By not calling SERVPRO quickly and leaving ... READ MORE

What To Expect After a Fire Loss

What To Expect: When we visit your business or home after a fire loss, we will scope the effected areas to determine the extent of the loss. We will always pret... READ MORE

specialized fire and water damage cleanup and restoration training

After the fire trucks are gone, your Friendswood home and belongings likely suffer from not only fire and smoke damage, but also extensive water damage from fir... READ MORE

Flooded Office in Houston, TX

The Damage: This flooded office in Houston, TX was the result of a broken pipe. Notice the extent of the water damage; the water damage was from the 22nd floor ... READ MORE

Flooded Dining Room

The Damage: This flooded dining room in Pearland, TX was the result of a frozen water pipe that broke in the attic. Galvanized pipe is found in older homes and ... READ MORE

Flooded Kitchen in Pasadena, TX

The Damage: This flooded kitchen in Pasadena, TX was the result of a A/C pan overflow in the attic. What SERVPRO did: Removed the damp baseboards. The water had... READ MORE

Wet High-Rise

The Damage: The floor in this High-Rise building was soaked due to a leak in the window. What SERVPRO did: Within only a few hours of getting the call, SERVPRO ... READ MORE

Apartment Wet Wall

The Damage: Water pooled in from the balcony after a storm and soaked up into the wall. What SERVPRO did: We removed the wet drywall and left air movers station... READ MORE

Frozen Pipe from Winter Storm Grayson

The Damage: Here in Texas, no one was prepared to deal with a Winter Storm. This unlucky Houston homeowner had his pipes freeze and eventually bust, flooding hi... READ MORE

Outlet Fire

The Damage: The homeowners had plugged in a high voltage vacuum which caused the outlet to spark and burst into flame. What SERVPRO did: We rewired the entire l... READ MORE

Moldy Wood

The Damage: A flooded bathroom soaked the wood floors of this resident. What SERVPRO did: We safely removed the mold from the wooden floors and repaired any las... READ MORE

Attic Board Up

The Damage: A frozen pipe in the attic exploded, causing water to pool above the homeowners bedroom. What SERVPRO Did: We removed the wet drywall and sealed up ... READ MORE

Mold Hiding Behind Your Walls

When moisture sits behind a wall for too long mold will inevitably begin to develop. The good thing about mold, however, is when you have thin material such as ... READ MORE

Sewage Backup

The Damage: The main sewer line in this business was clogged, causing all the waste and filth to come flowing up and out along with mold that had been growing o... READ MORE

Winter Storm Inga Freezes A Pipe

The Damage: A frozen pipe in the bathroom of this home burst while the family was out. It continued to spray until the entire bathroom was filled with water and... READ MORE

Winter Storm Ice Destroys Pipes

The Damage: Winter Storm Irma came barreling through the Texas cost and froze this homeowners pipes. The ice expanded the pipes wide until they burst and their ... READ MORE

The Work Refrigerator

The Damage: In every office kitchen there is that ONE box or tub that has been looming in the dark corner of the fridge for over a year. You can ask around the ... READ MORE

Smokey Stairwell Salvaged

The Damage: This Kitchen disaster caused extensive smoke damage upstairs. You can even still see where picture frames and wall decorations were hanging during t... READ MORE

Roof Damage In Pearland Texas

The Damage: After a particularly windy gulf coast summer storm, a loose branch gave way and fell on top of this families home with a crash. The branch created a... READ MORE

Harvey Flooded Basement In Pasadena

The Damage: The infamous storm, Hurricane Harvey, hit Houston on August 25th 2018. With it came hundreds of gallons of water. The commercial basement seen here ... READ MORE

Pasadena Church- Holy Water Overflow

The Damage: A water pipe burst in this Pasadena Church, saturating the main worship room so it was like walking in carpety mush. With the main worship hall dren... READ MORE

Unintended 'Water Closet' In Accounting Office

The Damage: This water closet was created due to the damage of a pipeline from the bathroom room adjacent to it. Left untreated the liquid would begin to run up... READ MORE

Brand New Kitchen

The Damage: An electrical fire in this brand new home caused the kitchen to go up in flames. Thankfully it was quickly able to be contained by the Pearland fire... READ MORE

The Effects Of Sporicide

The Damage: A small leak combined with intense humidity behind a mini fridge caused mold to begin forming. Seen in this stage, the mold is still young and easy ... READ MORE

Master Bathroom Leak In Friendswood, TX

The Damage: The tank from the homeowners bathroom toilet cracked, releasing gallons of water into the bathroom which flowed into the master bedroom. What SERVPR... READ MORE

Trickling Toilet Tank

The Damage: After years of wear and tear, this porcelain throne developed a small leak from the water hose in the back. Overnight it continued to drip, creating... READ MORE

Sickening Septic Blowback

The Damage: What you see here is nothing but pure fecal matter, mold from the pipes, and bodily excrescent of all sorts. This is the result of a septic blow bac... READ MORE

Commercial High Rise Water Damage

SERVPRO of Friendswood/Pearland was called into action after a main water pipe burst affecting multiple floors in this large commercial building. This is a phot... READ MORE

Flooded Hallway

This hallway was damaged due to a strong storm causing a major roof leak. SERVPRO came in late on a Saturday after the office staff and Insurance company called... READ MORE

Toyota Fire Damage

This Toyota dealership experienced a fire damage that affected more than 100,000 square feet. Our crews were quick to respond and begin cleaning up the fire dam... READ MORE

Commercial Kitchen Fire Damage

This customer experienced fire and smoke damage from a microwave that exploding in their kitchen. Everything was affected such as the walls, ceilings, counterto... READ MORE

Commercial Kitchen Fire Damage

This restaurant caught on fire, affecting everything from the walls and ceiling to the contents. SERVPRO of Friendswood/Pearland quickly stepped in to make the ... READ MORE

Dining Room Fire

It was important that after learning the source of this damaging fire that every inch of the damage trail was remediated as soon as possible to get this restaur... READ MORE

Hurricane Harvey Cleanup

Hurricanes can be devastating; even more so when dealing with the aftermath. Last year when Hurricane Harvey struck, it produced torrential amounts of flooding... READ MORE

Water Heater Damage

Leaks from water heaters can cause damage throughout your home. Leaks spread quick and you might have one that can stretch to multiple floors of your home. Whet... READ MORE

Hurricane Damage

This home had damage due to a tree falling on the roof during hurricane Harvey. SERVPRO of Friendswood/Pearland is available 24/7/365 for all your storm and wea... READ MORE

Roof Leak

This picture shows the extent of damage from a roof leak that went undetected for a long time. We inspected the home and presented the owners with a scope of wo... READ MORE

Mold Growth

SERVPRO of Friendswood/Pearland was called to inspect a residence in Pearland, TX. for possible mold. After inspecting, SERVPRO of Friendswood/Pearland found e... READ MORE

Kitchen Leak

Our highly trained technicians were sent to a home in Pasadena, TX. to fix a leak from an upstairs toilet in our client's home. We arrived at the home very quic... READ MORE